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Retro Daily Journal with instruction/ Ежедненик в стиле ретро

 Hi,everyone! In The Creative Studio Canvas Corp Brands today was posted my Retro Daily Journal with instraction how to make it. I copied it  in my blog
   Привет всем! В The Creative Studio Canvas Corp Brands сегодня опубликован пост с моим ярким пданером в стиле ретро(60-70е) и инструкцией по его созданию. Скопировала пост в сюда

Journaling and agendas are all the rage right now and we love Viktoriya’s design style with this classy, retro 60’s version   It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s useful and you can design it from start to finish. Viktoriya shows us how to make this calendar/journal combo from scratch using just a few supplies! She also shows us how she transformed it into a nod to 60’s culture, shape and color.
If you have been thinking about making your own this is a great tutorial to show you how easy it is to make one in your personal style.
Follow this tutorial step-by-step or choose your own set of colors, pictures and patterned to celebrate your favorite decade!

Hi, I’m Viktoriya! This is a journal for ideas, addresses and events – it also contains monthly calendars! You can even use it for doodling – this is great for relaxation!  It’s made in bright retro style (60-70’s).  The rings let you add and move pages around.
Materials you will need:
Tattered Angels Mists  – Polka Dot Pink (Chalkboard) ; Aquamarine (Glimmer Mist)Cozy Yellow (Glimmer Mist)
Canvas Corp Burlap Sheets – Red, Yellow, Teal; Aqua
7gypsies Gypsy Moments 12×12 Poses & Reflections
7gypsies Binding Rings
Others Supplies you will need: Texture paste; Acrylic paints; Black pen/liner; Eyelets; Washi tapes
Tools you will need: Crop-A-Dile; Stencils; Sewing machine

Step 1:
Make a cover – First, from a thick cardboard, I cut 2 rectangles to create the size of my journal (you can do as big or as small as you wish). I then cut a piece of Slimtex ( you can use any other soft backing) to fit on top of the cardboard and a piece of natural canvas to fit on top of that- make sure to leave a 0.5″ piece on all sides of the canvas. Then, I sewed small pieces of colored burlap onto both of canvas rectangles to add color and layering. Finally, I glued the soft backing to the card board pieces and then the canvas around it. The 0.5″ piece should be used to wrap around the side of the covers creating a sort of seam. You should have two padded covers.
Step 2:  Decorate covers – Using a stencil and texture paste, I made a textured designs on the front and back of my journal. Using Tattered Angels mists, I added color to covers. After letting it dry, I added images, brads and washi tapes. I then added some doodling with black liner.comp1
Step 3: Print a year calendar and monthly planner pages to add into your journal.  You can create journal pages with Canvas Corp’s Journal Lines
Step 4:  Create separators – I made three – ideas, addresses and events. Choose one geometric stencil and one bright color of Tattered Angels mists for each of them. This will make each separator unique and recognizable.
Step 5:  I used ring binder calendar and journal pages for the inner pages.
Step 6:  I then punched holes in the covers and inserted bright eyelets using the Crop-A-Dile.
Step 7:  Finally, I gathered all the covers and pages, inserted the rings and wound bright cord around planner, I then finished it off with some pearls on the cord ends.
And now you have your very own creative planner and journal! Feel free to use whatever colors and pictures strike your fancy!

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