пятница, 22 июля 2016 г.

Jewelry with nail polishes

 Hi, everyone! It's time to Quick&Quirky Challenge on Canvas Corp Brands Cretive Studio with very intresting theme-"Nail polish"
We must use nail polish and one of CCB product
I have some ideas 
1. Use different colorful nail polishes and High Impact Paint White Tattered Angels and tooothpick.
You need a jewelry base for it, of course.

And simple steps to create your own design
The great result achieves with more fluent polihes .
And I use clear epoxy sticker finally to safe an ornament

2 When I make a first one I have another idea and my inspiration was space!
So simple and easy to create -use Glimmer Glaze Purple Passion Tattered Angels and nail polish with gold perl glitter
Apply Glimmer Glaze on the jewelry base and drip some drops of nail polish and create your own space!

Do you see planets, don't you?)

So turn on your imagination and let's create!

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